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Rural Iowa 

Have you ever wondered how the 90 rural Iowa counties and communities could be a driver in showcasing what Iowa is really all about?

When you think of Iowa (or Iowans), what do you think of? 

Rural Communities

Although there’s a lot happening in rural Iowa, no one has yet to really figure out HOW to capitalize on agritourism to grow Iowa. However, there’s something valuable that exists among these two-lane backroads of rural Iowa, something hidden behind the cornfields. It’s something that most people are searching for but can’t quite put their finger on. 

For many people, they don’t know what happiness looks like anymore, or that it even still exists. We have a society that is broken, divided, and in constant search of success and happiness. But the pursuit of happiness is often left void and unfulfilling.

In rural Iowa, the American dream is still alive. In rural Iowa, people care for one another, they cheer each other on, and challenge one another to do better, to make a difference, and to keep striving for more. And that quality of life is something that is difficult to put into words, but rather it must be experienced, and we must use those experiences to entice the next generation of Iowa’s visitors, residents, workforce, and entrepreneurs to visit, live, work and play right here.

The seeds have been planted. Businesses are taking root. The prairie is evolving. Are you ready for what’s next?

Join the Evolution of the Heartland and see for yourself!

The Vision Becomes A Reality

This concept was born out of the idea that we can:

  1. Utilize rural Iowa people, communities, and businesses as a driving force for tourism.
  2. Showcase the high-quality innovation happening in rural Iowa.
  3. Entice migration from cities and other states to rural life through hands-on experiences and authentic conversations/relationships.
  4. Inspire ‘entrepreneurial-minded people’ to pursue the American dream, right here in Iowa.


Gain statewide and national exposure for the evolving silicon prairie (rural Iowa communities, businesses, and people).
Change perceptions of rural Iowa and agriculture.
Create awareness of opportunities to visit, live, work, and play in rural Iowa that result in an exceptional quality of life.
Provide exposure for career opportunities and business start-ups in rural Iowa.

Key Elements of an
Evolution of the Heartland Event

Vision for the Future of Evolution of the Heartland

It is the desire of Emerge Marketing Solutions and Travel Iowa to replicate this event statewide to impact even more communities and to bring this concept to fruition across the entire state. By 2028, the goal is to become the premiere event that attracts people to rural Iowa and raises awareness about the opportunities for tourism, business start-up, and rural living that results in a well-rounded quality of life.

/ Want to be part of the evolution?