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Apply to be a Host Community

Becoming a Community Host for Evolution of the Heartland

It is our desire to replicate this event statewide to impact even more communities and to bring this concept to fruition across the entire state as the premiere event that attracts people to rural Iowa and raises awareness for the opportunities for tourism, business start-up, and rural living that results in a well-rounded quality of life.

As we scale up this event, we will be adding additional host communities each year.   Apply to host Evolution of the Heartland on the form below.  Significant support will be provided to host communities as we scale.

Did you answer ‘yes’ to these questions?

If so,  we think your community would be an ideal community host for Evolution of the Heartland.

We encourage you to apply to be a community host in 2025!

Key Elements of an Evolution of the Heartland Event

Immersive industry tours
  • Hands-on intimate, experiences
  • Tours of modern-day agriculture beyond the cornfield
  • Features local, Iowa-based entrepreneurs telling their story
Local Foods
  • Participants eat locally-sourced or inspired foods.
  • A short presentation from a local entrepreneur or restaurant owner about their business, what inspired them to start their business, locally-sourced foods and farm-totable connection
  • Creates conversations that build trust with rural Iowa and generate an understanding of where our food comes from.
Rural community and main street showcase
  • Experience rural communities & Main Streets
  • Network with local entrepreneurs and shop retail
Group travel/networking
  • Participants can relax and unwind on provided luxury transportation
  • Allows time for participants to foster new relationships between other participants, ag ambassadors, sponsors, farm tour hosts, etc.

Benefits of Hosting
Evolution of the Heartland

Gain statewide and national exposure for your rural Iowa community, businesses and people
Change perceptions of rural Iowa and agriculture
Create awareness of opportunities to visit, live, work, and play in rural Iowa that result in an exceptional quality of life.
Provide exposure for career opportunities and business start-ups in rural Iowa

Host Community’s Role

Coordinate Planning Committee

A diverse planning committee with highly motivated and enthusiastic community members will be key to the success of the event. Business or organization leaders who have different strengths and networks will serve this event best. This group of people will be in charge of decision-making and the original EOH team will be there to support them.

Secure Local Sponsorships

While the Evolution of the Heartland planning committee will focus on securing statewide sponsorships, we expect the host community’s planning committee to secure sponsorships at the local level estimated at $10,000/year. This group of people will have the best connections in the area to reach out to the best potential sponsorships. Remaining funds beyond the cost of the event will be returned to the local coordinating organization.

Contact & Facilitate Tour Host Sites

The host community’s planning committee will use their networks to reach out to potential tour locations in the area. Some of rural Iowa’s best hidden gems are only known to the locals and they will be able to explain our vision for the event to the tour destinations. Having local name recognition will motivate others to jump on board and join our mission.

Financial Commitment

There is an annual $5,000 financial commitment for a location to be selected for the EOH tour. This commitment contributes to the annual expenses/marketing of EOH. A $100 initial deposit is due with the application submission. If the location is not selected as a host, the funds will be returned in full within one month following selection. However, if the location is selected, the remainder of the $5,000 will be due within one month of selection to secure the reservation.

Application Form

Apply to be a 2025 Evolution of the Heartland host community.  

Questions can be directed to event coordinator, Annie Greve: