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Agritourism in Iowa

In Iowa

Craving adventure beyond the ordinary? Look no further than Iowa agritourism! Ditch the typical vacation and take the road less travelled into the heart of Iowa’s small towns. Beyond the rolling hills and cornfields, you’ll experience hands-on agriculture, discover the fascinating evolution of the heartland, and leave with a whole new perspective on Iowa.

A few of Iowa’s Small Town Gems

Farm to Table

Craving a farm-to-table experience that goes beyond the plate? Look no further than Iowa’s bounty! Imagine savoring a wood-fired pizza topped with ingredients plucked fresh from the farm that morning, or indulging in a juicy steak knowing the cattle grazed on nearby pastures. Iowa offers an array of farm-to-table dining experiences catering to every palate. Witness the harvest firsthand, then be treated to a multi-course meal crafted with the season’s finest offerings. From vibrant summer salads drizzled with farm-pressed olive oil to hearty stews simmered with locally raised meat, Iowa lets you connect with the source of your food with every delicious bite.

Harvestville Farm
1977 Highway 2
Donnellson, IA

Pizza on the Prairie
Wallace Farm
2773 290th Street
Orient, IA

Wilson’s Orchard & Farm
4823 Dingleberry Rd NE #1
Iowa City, IA

Lone Oaks Farm Dinner Series
1582 N River Trail
Winterset, IA

Luna Valley Farm
3012 Middle Sattre Road
Decorah, IA

Harvest Gathering Farm-to-Table-Dinner
Bricker Price Block
105 S Chestnut Avenue
Earlham, IA

Walker Homestead Farm & Winery
3867 James Avenue Southwest
Iowa City, IA

Animal Adventures

Ditch the ordinary zoo visit and embrace the squeals, snuggles, and moos of Iowa’s working farms! These aren’t just places to see animals; they’re hubs for hands-on adventures perfect for all ages. Get up close with goats, watch chicks hatch, or learn to milk a friendly cow. You might even bottle-feed a playful piglet or witness the awe-inspiring presence of a majestic bison. Iowa’s working farms offer a unique opportunity to connect with these amazing creatures, creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, dust off your boots and prepare for an unforgettable farmyard experience!

Three Pines Farm
9611 Wagner Road
Cedar Falls, IA

Windy Goat Acres
3091 Q Avenue
Chelsea, IA

Rusy Stars Alpacas
2054 Rustic Lane
Winterset, IA

Hawkeye Buffalo & Cattle
3034 Pembroke Avenue
Fredericksburg, IA

Hansen Dairy
8461 Lincoln Road
Hudson, IA

Hickory Hills Park
3338 Hickory Hills Road
La Porte City, IA

Cinnamon Ridge Farms
10600 275th Street
Donahue, IA


Overnight Barns & Bins

Swap the ordinary for the extraordinary with a one-of-a-kind overnight stay in Iowa! Trade hotels for history by slumbering in a beautifully renovated barn. Imagine waking up to golden rays streaming through the restored beams of a classic red barn, or gazing at a star-studded sky from a cozy loft nestled within a converted grain bin. Iowa’s farm country boasts charming accommodations that have been lovingly transformed, offering modern comforts while retaining their rustic character. These unique abodes promise an unforgettable experience, allowing you to reconnect with Iowa’s agricultural roots in a truly unique way.

Taylor Hill Lodge
1614 Highway 71
Audubon, IA

The Barn Loft
841 Iowa River Dr. 
Dorchester, IA

The Dairy Barn B&B Inn
1436 210th Street
Ionia, IA

The Grain Bin Lodge & Retreat
17882 Nature Avenue
Le Mars, IA

The ‘Loft House’ Barn Lodge
3275 Highway 2
Seymour, IA 

Barn on the Bluff B&B
29194 Highway 13
Elkader, Iowa

The Nie Grain Bin
2878 Loess Hills Trail
Missouri Valley, IA

Dog Creek Grain Bin Cabins
4931 Yellow Avenue
Peterson, IA


Stay at Taylor Hill Lodge

Nestled amidst scenic rolling hills of Audubon, Iowa sits Taylor Hill Lodge. This charming bed and breakfast offers a unique stay in a remodeled English barn from the 1890s. Inside the lodge, modern comforts blend seamlessly with the rustic character of the original structure. Guests can choose from six cozy bedrooms and enjoy amenities like a central fireplace, a relaxing patio with stunning views, and a cozy loft for game nights. Whether you’re seeking a family getaway, a solo retreat, or a place to unwind with friends, Taylor Hill Lodge provides a peaceful escape in the Iowa countryside.

Innovative Ag Company Tours

Witness the future of agriculture unfold before your eyes in Iowa! Tour the state-of-the-art facilities of industry giants like Kinze Manufacturing or John Deere and see how groundbreaking technology is shaping the agricultural landscape. Explore the intricate assembly lines where colossal tractors and cutting-edge equipment are born. Learn about the latest advancements in precision agriculture, from self-driving combines to sophisticated data analysis tools. These tours offer a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of farming, showcasing how Iowa remains at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

Puck Enterprises
1110 100th Street
Manning, IA

Kinze Factory Tour
Kinze Manufacturing
2172 M Avenue
Williamsburg, IA

Ames National Laboratory
Iowa State University
2408 Pammel Dr
Ames, IA 

John Deere Factory Tours
John Deere
Tractor Cab Assembly Operations, Waterloo
Ottumwa Works, Ottumwa
Des Moines Works, Ankeny
Davenport Works, Davenport

Hagie Manufacturing
721 Central Ave W
Clarion, IA 

Kendrick Forest Products Tour
601 South Washington
Edgewood, IA

Sukup Manufacturing Tour
1555 255th Street
Sheffield, IA

History of Ag

Transport yourself to a bygone era and experience the grit and grace of Iowa’s agricultural past. Delve into living history at museums that showcase antique tractors, horse-drawn plows, and traditional farming practices. But why just observe? Some working farms offer immersive experiences, allowing you to roll up your sleeves and try your hand at planting, churning butter, or feeding livestock. These unique destinations bring Iowa’s agricultural heritage to life, offering an unforgettable glimpse into the heart and soul of the state’s farming legacy.

Living History Farms
11121 Hickman Road
Urbandale, IA

Heartland Museum
119 SW 9th Street
Clarion, IA 

National Farm Toy Museum
1110 16th Avenue Ct SE
Dyersville, IA 

Nelson Pioneer Farm & Museum
2211 Nelson Lane
Oskaloosa, IA

Guthrie County Historical Village and Museum
206 W South Street
Panora, IA 

RVP 1875
115 S Wilson Ave
Jefferson, IA

Agricultural Art in Iowa

Iowa’s agricultural spirit isn’t just on display in its fields; it thrives in its art scene as well. Explore the legacy of renowned Iowa artist Grant Wood, whose iconic paintings like “American Gothic” celebrate the state’s agricultural heritage. But the artistic bounty extends far beyond museums. Witness innovative creations crafted from repurposed farm equipment, a testament to Iowan ingenuity. And keep your eyes peeled for a surprise – a vibrant mural adorning a barn, or a captivating sculpture standing guard over a field. From celebrated works to hidden gems, Iowa’s agricultural art scene offers a unique perspective on the state’s soul, waiting to be discovered.

Art Farm Iowa
4953 Olive Avenue
Northwood, IA

Hall of Laureates World Food Prize
100 Locust Street
Des Moines, Iowa

Grant Wood Art
Multiple locations

Grant Wood Art Gallery
124 E Main St
Anamosa, Iowa

Fort Dodge Silo Mural
727 Hawkeye Avenue
Fort Dodge, IA 

Barn Quilts of Sac County
Multiple Locations
Sac County, IA

“Transitions” Mosaic
Van Wall Equipment
402 6th Street 
Manning, IA

Pearson Metal Art
104 Isabella Street
Radcliffe, IA

Steel Cow
P.O. Box 219
Waukon, IA

Coon Rapids Art
Several examples around town

Country Nights & Starry Skies

Craving an all-Iowa adventure that dips its toes right into the agricultural heartland? Look no further than Iowa’s unique overnight stays nestled amidst working farms! Immerse yourself in the gentle moo of dairy cows, the awe-inspiring presence of bison, or the playful antics of a goat herd. These unforgettable accommodations offer a chance to witness firsthand the daily rhythms of farm life. Unwind under starry skies, and wake up to the sounds of the countryside – don’t forget the rooster crows when it’s time to get up and do chores! These are truly authentic Iowa experiences.

New Day Dairy Guest Barn 
31000 175th Street
Clarksville, IA

Sunset Hills 
1307 400th Avenue
Malcom, IA

Three Pines Farm
9611 Wagner Road
Cedar Falls, IA

Whiterock Conservancy
1436 Highway 141
Coon Rapids, IA

Bend River Farms
12203 SE 64th Ave
Runnells, IA

Rock N Ranch Events & Campground
2946 Talon Ave
Menlo, IA

Land Alliance Folk School & Retreat Center
1259 Rohret Road SW
Oxford, IA

The Lodge at Windy Ridge
17082 252nd Street
Cantril, IA

Nature Centers

Delve into Iowa’s natural heritage at its nature centers! These havens for nature lovers showcase the remarkable transformation of our prairies, from sprawling grasslands to vibrant ecosystems encompassing rivers, forests, and everything in between. Witness the incredible diversity of native wildlife that still flourishes here. But the learning doesn’t stop indoors! Lace up your boots, hit the trails, and immerse yourself in the symphony of birdsong. Breathe in the fresh air, fragrant with wildflowers and towering trees. Nature centers in Iowa offer an unforgettable experience – a chance to connect with our state’s remarkable past, present, and the wonders that await on every path.

Dickinson County Nature Center
22531 Nature Center Road
Okoboji, IA

Hitchcock Nature Center
27792 Ski Hill Loop
Honey Creek, IA

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center
900 Larsen Park Road
Sioux City, IA

Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center
4500 Sioux River Road
Sioux City, IA

Jester Park Nature Center
12130 NW 128th Street
Granger, IA

Mississippi River Eco Tourism Center
Rock Creek Marina
Camanche, IA

Seasonal Orchards & Patches

Iowa is bursting with agricultural charm, offering an adventure for those seeking fresh air and farm-to-table experiences. No matter the season, the Hawkeye State boasts opportunities to reconnect with nature’s bounty. From crisp autumn days spent walking apple orchards and pumpkin patches to springtime exploration of vibrant floral fields and buzzing beehives, Iowa invites you to discover the magic of locally-grown produce throughout the year.

The Vinery
24312 670th Ave.
Nevada, IA

Loess Hill Lavender Farm
2278 Loess Hills Trail
Missouri Valley, IA

Howell’s Greenhouse & Pumpkin Patch
3145 Howell Court
Cumming, IA

Spring Valley Honey Farms
14405 Hull Avenue
Perry, IA

Rose Farm
7197 43rd Avenue
Norwalk, IA

Deals Orchard
1102 244th Street
Jefferson, IA

Whitetail Valley Farm
2744 230th Street
Stanton, IA

Bell Farm
10458 SE Vandalia Drive
Runnells, IA

Center Grove Orchard
32835 610th Avenue
Cambridge, IA

Enchanted Acres
1071 250th Street
Sheffield, IA

Seed Savers Exchange
3094 North Winn Road
Decorah, IA

Hunter Brothers Tree Farm
20755 490th St
Chariton, IA

Spirits of the Heartland

Journey through Iowa’s picturesque landscapes, where vineyards, distilleries, and breweries beckon with flavors and rural charm. From the verdant rows of grapevines basking in the summer sun to the amber hues of aged spirits crafted from locally-sourced grains, each sip is a testament to Iowa’s agricultural heritage and artisanal craftsmanship. Whether wandering through sprawling vineyards or sampling handcrafted brews amidst rustic ambiance, every moment is infused with genuine hospitality and the rich flavors of the heartland. Discover the magic of farm-to-glass experiences in Iowa, where the journey from field to bottle is a celebration of the land and its passionate stewards.

Whitetail Valley Farm
2744 230th Street
Stanton, IA

Twin Vines
2821 IA-44
Panora, IA

Templeton Distillery
209 Rye Ave
Templeton, IA

Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery
218 W 6th St #2342
Carroll, IA

TYCOGA Winery & Distillery
2585 195th St
DeWitt, IA

Lake Time Brewery
801 Main Ave
Clear Lake, IA

Millstream Brewing Co.
835 48th Ave
Amana, IA

Textile Brewing Company
 146 2nd St NE
Dyersville, IA

Toppling Goliath Brewing Co
1600 Prosperity Rd
Decorah, IA

Wise I Brewing Company
15 2nd St NE
Le Mars, IA

Bodega Victoriana Winery 
60397 Kidd Rd
Glenwood, IA

Fireside Winery
1755 P Ave
Marengo, IA

Rustic River Winery & Vineyard
3132 Rolf Ave
Lake View, IA

Tassel Ridge Winery
1681 220th St
Leighton, IA